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Hire Right Master Class

Hire and Retain Quality Employees

Are You Ready to Learn How to Find and Hire Qualified Teachers Who Are a Great Fit For Your Program?

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The Hire Right Master Class Will Help You :

The Hire Right Master Class Will Help You :

The Hire Right Master Class Will Help You :

"Labor is the #1 risk and pain point for all child care businesses in the United States and Canada."

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This Covers 7 Areas of Focus Empowering You To Know Exactly How to Find, Hire and Retain Quality Teachers

A Positive Company Culture

Are you having difficulty finding great employees? Are you struggling with getting your staff to do basic tasks, or constantly fighting off gossip and negativity? This course is designed to help you to turn that around! According to Glassdoor, 47% of child care employees say their comapny leadership and culture are negative, and YOU have the power to change that for the better!

Where to Advertise for Candidates​

Finding the perfect employees to staff your childcare center is a daunting task. It takes a lot of work to attract potential employees and line up interviews. We have complied a list of the best places to advertise your available positions! (And we give you pointers in the next modules to help your ads catch their attention.)

Ads That Work: Copy, Examples & More​

The key to having a steady stream of applicants is to treat the recruitment of future employees the same as you would treat marketing to prospective parents for enrollment. You need to send the right message in your marketing. In this module, you are going to learn how to write unique, fun, and no non-sense ads that make the best candidates WANT to apply (even if they currently have a job they LIKE.)

Careers Pages on Your Website​

Potential job candidates are sure to check out your careers page on your website before interviewing with you, sometimes even applying to work at your school. It’s crucial that your careers page is optimized for staff recruitment. We have created a checklist of careers page essentials that you can use to audit and improve (or create) your careers page. You won’t want to miss this!

Using a Hiring E-Packet​

Using an ePacket and a hiring drip campaign is going to set you apart from your competitors. To help you “WOW” job applicants, we share with you exactly what to include in your hiring ePacket and best practices for using it. We even provide a jumpstart editable template so you can this strategy right away.

The Interview Process​

Do you wonder which interview discussion topics are most effective to help you get to know your candidate?? Never wonder if you are asking the “right” questions again with our cheat sheet of interview questions. You’ll also learn a trick to help you rank your candidates and choose the best one for your school. 

Making the Offer​

What you say when offering the job to a favorite candidate can be just as important as the interview process. It’s the first real chance you have to welcome your new employee to the team, and the best candidates often have multiple offers to choose from. So, it’s important you do it right and make it memorable. We will share with you just what to say when you are ready to make the offer. You’ll also get a sample offer letter template to help you stand out from the other centers in your area!

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A WOW First Week

The first week at your school for your new hire is critial, and must be stragetically planned and weloming in order to ensure staff retention. We walk you through a list of everything you need to make your new hire feel welcome, wanted and special! 

A Successul Onboarding Plan

Having a PLAN allows you to set your new hire up for success, ensuring they are properly trained and oriented to your way of conducting business. We walk you through a fool proof onboarding plan, and provide you a staff paperwork checklist. 

Building Relationships with Your Team

Being a strong, repsected leader and an inviting, helping hand can be a tough act to balance. We discuss finding this balance, keys to tackling employee turnover, and give you a list of 15 relationship building ideas you can use with your staff! 

What I’d Like You to Do Now…

If you are serious about finding and hiring qualified teachers that are a great fit for your program and having the best staff culture you can possibly imagine, then here is the best next step – it’s time to take action! Stop procrastinating! Order this course today!

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