How and Why to Monitor Your Program

In today’s video blog I’m going to share with you 2 tools that child care centers and early learning centers should have to protect both your program and yourself. These will enable you to monitor both the operations and the behavior that takes place in your school.

Click on the video below to hear all the details about these 2 very important tools.

Tool #1 is related to monitoring what is set on your phones relative to customer service. Phone contact is often the very first impression prospective parents have with your program and school. As owners, you truly want to be able to monitor what is being said on the phones. This is a great training tool for staff as well. The Child Care Success Company teaches that phone scripts are a critical part of your entire enrollment process. This tool is used as a quality assurance tool and a training tool.

Remember that the phone can be a big gap where enrollment and revenue can fall through the cracks.

Tool #2 is related to use of video cameras in your schools. This feature, if you already don’t have it in place, has proven so important to our clients who have this system installed. In this day and age of potential law suits, licensing issues and accusations, having this tool can literally protect you and your school. It also functions as a great training tool for you and your staff!

We recommend the following companies to help you integrate these 2 important feature into programs and schools.

Tool #1

Tool #2

Do you want to have more enrollment, be more abundant and increase your revenues? These 2 tools will help to make that happen! As always, share with us below ways that these 2 tools have helped your business be the best it can be.

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