How Dedication and Intention Make All the Difference — Lori Semke

Lori Semke is the Executive Director at Mis Amigos Spanish Immersion Preschool in Minnesota. She joins the show to share her game-changing strategies on weathering the storm as a team during tough times, why dedication and intention in enrollment really do make the difference, and what it is like working as a part of a Visionary/Integrator team with her schools owner and previous guest Dawn Uribe. Lori also shares her experience taking home the Director of the Year Award this past October at The Child Care Success Summit™ and how that honor has inspired her mission even further. 

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Mis Amigos is a Spanish Immersion Preschool and currently has three locations in Minnesota.

  • Lori has been the Executive Director at Mis Amigos since 2012 and worked before in the legal field as a litigator along with three years at the non-profit Children’s Law Center of Minnesota. While at the non-profit, it was apparent that she had a passion for both helping children and using her law background, which she gets to do plenty of both in her position at Mis Amigos. 

  • Lori won the Director of the Year 2019 Award at The Child Care Success Summit™ this past October. Judging by the nominations that came flooding into Kris’s inbox, Lori is very well-loved by her team.

  • Lori wears many hats as the Executive Director, including enrollment, working with vendors and HR, and carrying out the visions for growth and expansion. She has to be focused both on the day-to-day and the larger picture.

  • It really moves the needle when you have one person focused on enrollment. Whether it’s an Enrollment Director or Specialist, they can make sure every step is well-thought-out and executed.

  • Families need to feel that they are wanted and that their enrollment is appreciated and welcomed. This is where a great leader needs to communicate with the team from the top down so they know exactly how to provide that concierge-type experience.

  • No matter how strong a team is, they will go through some challenging times together. This is where communication is key, so everyone can know what the plan is and their individual roles in keeping things balanced and healthy.

  • The team at Mis Amigos has greatly benefited from sharing their guidance as leaders and acting as mentors to help one another.

  • To Lori, a child care rockstar is someone that has overcome challenges despite obstacles, and remains to have a large passion for what they do. They are motivated to grow and love creating incredible experiences for those along their path.

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