How Do You Define A Child Care Rockstar?

We Asked, and We Got Answers!

Have you had a chance to listen to Child Care Rockstar Radio yet? It’s my favorite Child Care Business Expert’s  podcast. LOL!

Every week Kris Murray chats with child care industry experts and leaders to bring you the latest and greatest trends, inspiring stories of success, and tips and strategies you can use to grow your business. She asks almost every guest, “What is your definition of a Child Care Rockstar?”

This blog post shares some of their answers

Not all of them, of course. We are nearing our 40th episode. Can you believe it? Sharing every answer would make this article way too long! But we hope you find some inspiration below!

So, Tell Us What You Think!

How Do YOU Define a Child Care Rockstar?

We always want to hear from you! Please use the comments box below to tell us YOUR definition of a Child Care Rockstar!!

If you have a story to share about a particular Child Care Rockstar that has made a difference in a way that is important to you, please also share that story below!

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