How She Leads! The Power of a Growth Mindset with Jody Zabriskie

Today’s episode is one of my favorites that we’ve done. My guest Jody Zabriskie is an Empire level member here in the Child Care Success Academy with 23 years of experience in the industry. She’s based outside of Salt Lake City and recently expanded to five locations of her centers, A to Building Blocks, having started from a small center with just 27 enrollments. Our discussion really highlights the power of positivity and leadership; two of Jody’s greatest strengths. You’ll be amazed by the trust she has in her team along with her commitment to accountability and honest communication. We also talk about what her biggest challenge has been, what makes her brand unique, and what the name means. This episode will really inspire you to stop making excuses, lead by example, and grow your program!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [9:39] Jody shares the story of how she got started in child care at the age of 11 and how her journey in ECE has continued to evolve ever since.

  • [11:22] Jody shares how many centers she currently has, and the capacity of each one and why they vary greatly in size.

  • [15:29] Jody explains what makes A to Z Building Blocks’ program unique and how the name came to be.

  • [19:37] Kris asks Jody about what her dreams and plans are for continued expansion and growth.

  • [23:44] Jody shares when/how she discovered Kris and CCSC, and how long she has been following their practices. 

  • [25:25] Kris and Jody discuss the importance of networking and being involved in your community in order to help your brand grow.

  • [30:02] Jody discusses how she felt like “the lonely entrepreneur at the top” and how it shifted Jody’s mindset.

  • [35:47] Kris asks Jody to share what her biggest challenge has been during her journey in the industry so far. 

  • [39:51] Jody shares what she implements to promote a positive culture for staff.

  • [44:49] Kris asks Jody to share how she defines a Child Care Rockstar.

  • [46:00] Jody shares her favorite resources for learning more about how to grow your business.

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