How to Add Value to Your Community When Your School Is Mandated to Close Pt. 2

Whether the doors of your child care business have been mandated to temporarily close during the pandemic we are in the middle of, or if you’re only open to essential workers during this time and are experiencing a significant decrease in enrollment, you need to do some “future based thinking” and get creative to stay in front of parents and your community during this time. Now is the time that you need to start focusing on how you are coming to come out on top of this crisis and build yourself a clear path to success. After all, when everyone returns to work and we see a baby boom at the end of the year, parents are going to be eagerly searching for care.

The video below is a side-by-side interview that I did with Elizabeth Rollins, owner of Room To Bloom Early Learning and Childcare Center in Hallowell, Maine, who has been doing amazing things throughout her community during this time of crisis. She and her team have been working hard to make sure that their tribe is taken care of and that the essentials workers in their community are being shown gratitude. Elizabeth has recognized that as a leader it is her responsibility to keep the spirits high among her staff and in her school, and as a local business owner, she is proud to have the opportunity to show appreciation to the essential workers that make it possible for her doors to be open right now. Whether it’s by making sure every staff member and child is provided lunch, throwing together a fun spirit week, putting together hospital staff care kits, or having the children make cards for frontline workers, Elizabeth and her team are energized with creativity to make sure that their school and community get through this together. Watch the full interview to be inspired by the amazing things they are doing that your school can start implementing right now to make you stand out from the rest in your community! 

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