How to Add Value to Your Community When Your School Is Mandated to Close Pt. 1

Whether the doors of your child care business have been mandated to temporarily close during the pandemic we are in the middle of, or if you’re only open to essential workers during this time and are experiencing a significant decrease in enrollment, you need to do some “future based thinking” and get creative to stay in front of parents and your community during this time. Now is the time that you need to start focusing on how you are coming to come out on top of this crisis and build yourself a clear path to success. After all, when everyone returns to work and we see a baby boom at the end of the year, parents are going to be eagerly searching for care.

The video below is a side-by-side interview I did with Ben Poswalk, executive director of Paradise Place Preschool in Crested Butte, CO and Child Care Business Coach on my team, who went back to basics this week and did some good old-fashioned community marketing this week in his small town. Ben joined forces with local restauranteurs to make a huge difference for the kids and families not only at his school but throughout his entire town. We talk all about what Ben did, how it impacted his community, and what these efforts can do for YOUR preschool business when you buckle down and figure out unique ways to ADD VALUE to your community and future clients!

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