Advocacy is a huge buzzword in today’s world, and particularly in the ECE industry. As things change in regards to ECE policy, public schools, funding, and more, it can feel like the rug is being pulled out from under us over and over again and there’s nothing we can do about it.

But there is something we can do. As child care leaders, we can become powerful advocates for the families and children we serve. We can step outside the doors of our centers and make our voices heard. Whether we want to be involved in politics or not, that doesn’t change the fact that politicians are making big decisions for our industry, and most of them don’t have a bit of real-life ECE experience. Who will teach them? Who will speak up for our centers and our kids?

It has to be us.

Join CCSC Coach and long-time ECE advocate, Chantel Pettengill, on February 21st, 2024 at 1pm EST for a brand new free training:

How to Become an ECE Ambassador: Navigating the Waters of the Political System

In this session, we’ll learn how to be polite, persistent, and prepared as we enter the crazy world of regional politics and make a difference for our life-changing industry.

The need for advocacy isn’t going away. In fact, we predict it will only become more necessary in the coming years. Let’s build a firm foundation of knowledge and action together!

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Center Owner, CCSC Coach, and ECE Advocate, Chantel Pettengill

Chantel started her child care owner’s journey in 2012 as a home center, quickly growing to a large center three years later. She now owns two large centers in Maine, working beside her husband as full-time co-owners. Along with her teacher certifications, Chantel holds certifications in the Dream Manager Program and Mental Performance Mastery.

Chantel has many years of advocacy experience working with both local and state governments to help improve access to high-quality child care in her state along with creating bills that will support child care providers. This year, she worked on a bill that doubled monthly stipends for child care staff along with moving forward with steps to pay subsidies based on a cost-of-care model instead of market rates. She has had a seat at the table on a variety of different government boards and committees including being the chair of the Maine Child Care Advisory Council.