How to Boost Enrollments in Your School With a January Promotion

Happy New Year! I always love this time of a year – a time of goal setting and fresh starts that are filled with the “New Year, New Me” ideology. In fact, that ideology doesn’t just have to pertain to your personal goals, it can also pertain to the enrollment goals that you set for your child care business! Think about it this way; New Year, New Enrollments!

By halfway through the school year parents know whether or not their current schools are fulfilling their needs or not, and the week-long holiday break that many schools have provide parents the perfect opportunity to pick up their child on the last day before break and never return. This is because parents are out of their daily routine of dropping their child off at your school and given the time to scout out other child care options in their area during.

Although this turning point in the school year might poorly affect some schools, this turning point can significantly benefit yours! In the video below I provide you with the in’s and out’s of running an awesome enrollment boosting January promotion that will be sure to capture the attention of and “WOW” those parents that are searching for new care.

Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Video:

  • Typically, your monthly revenue will show consistent trends on a yearly basis. Your highest revenue months will always be during back to school season, August/September and January.
  • Do not fall into the mindset that providing a limited time promotional discount off of tuition will cheapen your brand. It never will.
  • In order to execute a successful January promotion, you must have the following three elements in place – 

1. A WOW offer
2. A clear deadline 
3. At least five methods to promote your offer (three of them utilizing the Internet/social media)

  • A very common, successful WOW offer that we see members of the Child Care Success Academy use is “$500 off tuition over the next FIVE months.” The $500 off is then divided up over the course of those five months, giving them $100 off a month. This benefits you for a few reasons – 
      • You are not feeling overwhelmed by the loss of $500 times the number of new families enrolled all at once.
      • Usually, since the offer is spread out over the course of five months this means that those families will stay with you a minimum of five months, giving you time to cultivate a relationship with them and show them what your school is all about.
      • Those families are able to experience their first five months at your school with a “WOW” and happy feeling, putting them in a much more understanding and receptive mood when discussing “new school” hiccups and concerns. 
  • In order to attract parents and motivate them to take action, your offer must be simple, clear, and concise. 
  • As a rule of thumb to follow, your promotional offer should run for three weeks. This gives parents time to discover your offer through your marketing efforts and allows them the opportunity to tour your school within that timeframe.
  • The number one cause of a January promotion flopping is a lack of marketing it. You must put the same amount of time and energy into marketing this promotion as you do your back-to-school ones over the summer. 
  • Once you start receiving inquiries from parents about your promotional offer, make sure to follow up with them through multiple communication channels, whether it is with a phone call, an email, or a text message. Make sure to remind them that the offer is time-sensitive – that may be what motivates them to take action and enroll their child into your school. 

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