How To Build Goodwill In Your Community And Get The Lions Share Of Inquiries with Bruce Spurr

Bruce Spurr, Co-Founder of Grow Your Center, joins the show today. Kris and Bruce talk about what sets Grow Your Center apart as the only world-class digital marketing agency serving the early childhood industry exclusively. Bruce shares what advertising and marketing trends he is seeing that are working in the child care industry, and how schools can add value in their advertising while they are still closed. He also explains the importance of producing goodwill content and how the Three H’s of social media will help you build rapport and stay top of mind with families in the future.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • It is a great time to advertise your message for a very low cost, producing a phenomenal return on investment. 

  • Parents are noticing what schools are helping and supporting their community now, and some are even wondering why they haven’t heard from their current preschool. It is up to your leadership team to figure out ways to reach out and spread goodwill in the community.

  • Your ad needs to add value in some way, and follow the strategy of Goodwill Hunting. You are building rapport in the marketplace by producing Goodwill content, and Build rapport in your marketplace by producing Goodwill content and then hunt (or harvest) your newly engaged families and parents to tour your school. 
  • Consistently is key when creating brand recognition and trust. 

  • Bruce recommends having advertising and content that includes the Three H’s: content that is humorous, helpful, and heartfelt.

  • “Did You Know” and “How To” videos can be a fun and compelling way to engage families and show just how much knowledge early educators have.

  • By currently advertising what are you doing currently in terms of goodwill and helping the community, you will be more likely to be top-of-mind to parents when it’s time to return back to “normal” and they will feel more confident about enrolling when schools do open back up.

  • One of the biggest mistakes people make is forgetting to put a call to action in their advertising. Make sure all your ads and media include ways for people to connect with you and get in touch with you. Bruce recommends making all your phone numbers textable, and provide an easy avenue for someone to call you (and have you answer).

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