How to Close Tours in Your Child Care Business

Closing tours in the child care industry can be tricky and is truly an art that requires practice to master. Tour givers are often hesitant and uncomfortable asking for the enrollment at the end of tours. This is because they have a fearful mindset of coming off as too “salesy” and scaring families away. This fearful mindset has to be transformed. The bottom line of it is, to enroll families in your school you have to start being comfortable and confident when making offers at the end of your tours.

In the video below, I share with you tips that both myself and members of the Child Care Success Academy have witnessed first hand, to help close tours and increase enrollments. If you’re ready to break free from having a fearful mindset when closing tours and are ready to sell your school with the confidence and pride it deserves, this video is for you.

Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Video:

  • Rather than trying to sell families into your program, take a more authentic approach and “invite” them to enroll and register. You should be “inviting” them to join your community.
  • The language that you use around closing a tour will greatly influence your closing rate. You should be using language that sounds warm, genuine, and elegant.
  • What type of mindset do you have when giving a tour? Are you just hoping to seal the deal or are you actually taking the time to demonstrate how your school can provide solutions to the needs that that family is expressing?
  • Learn to be transparent during tours. You might fear not being able to check off all the boxes of a parents checklist by doing this, but they will appreciate your open communication and transparency more than anything else. Whether or not that family is a fit for your school, they won’t hesitate to share their pleasant experience when touring your school with their friends that are looking for care.
  • If you don’t invite a family to enroll with you as you wrap up a tour, you are doing them a disservice. If you have created a high-quality program, you should be doing whatever  you can to convince that family that their child will significantly benefit from being enrolled at your school.
  • Before your tour begins, take a look at any information you know about the family coming in and see if there are any commonalities so you can better relate to them during the tour. If you don’t have anything to work with before the tour, look for ways to build rapport throughout it. At minimum, make sure to address them by their names and reference their child’s name.
  • Every step within your enrollment process needs to have a call to action attached to it, including your tour. Sometimes clients need their hand held along the way and require some encouragement to take action.
  • If a family isn’t ready to enroll right then, offer to follow up with them and make sure you come through on that offer. You will amaze them with your professionalism and courtesy.

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