How to Create Better, Badder, Boss-Level Job Ads For Your Preschool

Recruitment marketing doesn’t have to be dry and boring; it can be fun, dynamic, and interesting – actually, today it HAS to be.

Staffing was tough in 2019 pre-pandemic, and today it’s even worse. You’re competing for talent not just with other child care centers, but with EVERY business trying to get people to work.

You MUST stand out from the crowd.

Let’s get down to business – here is a job ad framework that we use over at Grow Your Center that will help you create a job post that will increase responses.

  • Extra-Long Job Title: You have an opportunity to standout here. 

One common practice that has worked well for others is to add “BONUS: GET CERTIFIED & TRAINING” or “WILLING TO TRAIN” to keep it short. Most of you are willing to help candidates get their CDA, so put it upfront. “LEAD PRESCHOOL TEACHER – BONUS GET CERTIFIED ON US.” You may have to be creative with character count as every platform has a different limit.

  • The Attention Grabbing Open: The job title caught their attention, now let’s keep it. It’s time to sweeten them up. Stroke their ego, tell them how great they are. Or (ethically) bribe them, mention the $500 signing bonus (if you have one!). Either way, be creative! Here’s an example: YOU’RE AMAZING WITH KIDS… Wherever you go, butterflies dance, birds sing, and people break out in Disney songs – honestly no one knows how you do it! You’re also smart, capable, and feel you have a strong work ethic because you really care to make a difference in people’s lives. Now, if only there was an amazing job that would play to your strengths and talents…

  • Why Work For You: Spend 1-2 lines telling them how great of a place you are to work for. If you think back to your favorite job, MOST of the time it’s because of WHO you worked for. Here’s an example of a way to highlight that: Part of our core values are focused on YOU – your new manager is waiting for your feedback: how can we make your job more fulfilling?
  • CDA and On-The-Job Training: Let them know you’re willing to train them and pay for their CDA (or equivalent credential in your state). If you allow employees to work on their credentials during “down time,” make sure to include that.

  • Benefits: List out the key benefits they get. If your competition doesn’t offer health, you can use words like “RARE IN OUR INDUSTRY You Get Complete Health Benefits, Including Dental.”

  • Perks: Do you provide a birthday PTO? Monthly staff parties? Team building events? Think outside the box and list them all out!

  • Career Advancement: Are there opportunities to rise up and build a career with you? Have you opened new schools or expanded your current one? Spend 1-2 lines and let them know you’re growing, and you want them to grow with you.

  • Minimum Job Requirements: You’ll notice we saved YOUR requirements for the END. If all you need is a high school diploma and be 18+, then list just that. Oh, and don’t forget to add “MUST LOVE KIDS.” Let’s be honest, those who don’t won’t last a week.
  • Summarize + A Strong Call-to-Action: Summarize in just a few lines your job opportunity and tell them to apply now. Here’s an example if you offer a signing bonus: If you want a better life, a future filled with opportunity, fun colleagues, and a manager who actually cares about you, then this is the job for you. Oh, and did I mention there is a $500 sign on bonus?!!! This is a LIMITED offer. Don’t wait for the “new normal” to settle, soon everyone (and their cat) will need a job, grab the hottest opportunity in child care while you can and apply now! 

Your turn! Your job post should follow the order of the steps in this list. Happy posting!

Bruce W. Spurr
Co-Founder, Grow Your Center

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