How to Create Waves of Positive Change In Your Communities with Robin Harris

Don’t miss this powerful and heartfelt episode, featuring the incredible Miss Robin Harris. Driven by her passion to empower and motivate teachers within the school system, Robin shares invaluable insights on making a lasting impact on students’ lives through effective strategies that surpass standard expectations, promoting constant improvement and excellence. Robin discusses finding her energy and drive in the early childhood world, the unwavering motivation that enables her to be a guiding light to others, and details about her Level Up program, two schools, and her fun alter ego. Tune in for one of Kris’s favorite episodes!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [5:28] Robin talks about the Future Leaders Learning Academy, right outside of Houston in Spring, Texas. They have a capacity of 68; the Harris Academic Club has a capacity of 150.

  • [7:03] How they got into offering homeschooling, and the benefits that students receive including a lot of personalized attention.

  • [9:53] How Robin’s aunt and uncle helped her realize that she could be something more and make a big difference in the world.

  • [12:15] Kris shares the story of Mrs. Irish, the teacher who made the biggest impact in her life.

  • [15:55] Empowered teachers are the number one leverage point and the most important thing in education for children to fully thrive.

  • [20:00] Robin talks about her interactive workbook, Success Looks Good On You.

  • [21:37] Unique selling points or differentiation of Robin’s schools, and how the word of mouth and results do the promoting and selling on their own.

  • [25:29] Robin helps teachers bring their energy and passion back for teaching, and big things happen.

  • [29:32] How the open concept teaching works, and why both the future leaders and parents love it.

  • [32:08] What strategy does Robin employ for the youngsters?

  • [33:25] Robin talks about her Level Up curriculum.

  • [43:01] What are Robin’s plans for 2023 and beyond, including the brilliant ABCDE awards?

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