How to Double Your Revenue In Less Than 12 Months With Barb Tedrow

Kris is joined by the incredible Barb Tedrow, a Child Care Rockstar finalist at the Child Care Success Summit and proud owner of A Gold Star Academy. Barb takes center stage as she shares her remarkable journey and unveils the secrets behind her extraordinary success that propelled her business from $3 million to an astounding $6 million in revenue in just one year.

Hailing from the scenic landscapes of Farmington, New Mexico, Barb breaks down her formula for success, touching on key marketing activities, growth strategies, leadership insights, and the mindset that fueled her remarkable achievement. Barb talks about the unique features that set her schools apart, including a gardening program for children and a farm-to-table initiative that she integrated into classrooms. Barb also shares how life has changed after joining the Academy and how she implements the resources in a consistent manner with her staff as well.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [8:02] What led Barb to buy the center, and how they have grown, starting as a little center with 60 kids.


  • [11:24] Where did the name Gold Star Academy come from?

  • [13:01] Breaking news, hot off the press: Barb is opening up a 5th center!

  • [16:37] Unique selling points that set her school and staff apart, including accreditation and establishing an award-winning garden program.

  • [24:39] How she and her husband learned to outsource non-core tasks such as social media to focus on their strengths and save time and energy.


  • [29:15] The importance of working with a team that supports your vision.

  • [30:04] Advice for retention and keeping your team motivated.

  • [33:03] Remembering to be kind and treat everyone like an equal.

  • [36:06] Learn to delegate and give people responsibility, and why leaders shouldn’t always fear their employees will quit.

  • [39:43] The amazing benefits Barb has gotten from being in the Academy.

  • [42:07] Barb’s plans for expanding in 2024 and beyond in the state of New Mexico, and growing her consulting company.

  • [44:54] Not only was Barb named Childcare Rockstar Nominee, but she was also just named the Farmington Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year. Way to go!

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