How to Improve the Culture in Your School Upon Returning Post-Pandemic

In the YouTube video below, I teach a BRAND NEW, never before taught formula that will help you improve the culture of your school as you navigate through the drama and difficult emotions of your staff as we head into post-pandemic times. And this formula has been proven to work by the coaches on my team in their schools. After feeling burnout from months of questioning your decision making and leadership style, walking through the pieces of this formula will re-ignite your drive and excite you get back into your school and lead your team to success. Watch below to discover how to rekindle your leadership flame and head into the back-to-school season with a transformed culture. 

If you’re ready to improve the culture in your school, follow this formula: V+CV+H+O+T+E = PCC

  • V stands for Vision. You need to make sure you are communicating and reminding your staff of what you’re vision is for your school to help ensure that everyone on your team is on the same page. After undergoing heightened mental stress and adjusting to constant change over the past few months, allow yourself some time to sit and reflect on your vision – remind yourself why you got into this business and rediscover your passion.

  •  CV stands for Core Values. You need to define your core values (or redefine them if you feel like it’s time for change in your school) that set the tone of your program and speak to who you are and what your vision is. Defining core values and using them in everything that you do – hiring, onboarding, rewards systems, firing – will allow you to take your vision and sculpt it into a way of behavior in your school.

  • H stands for Hire. Once you’ve defined your vision and core values, you can start to hire and train according to them so everyone on your team fits within your culture. Hiring according to your vision and core values will help you hire more A-players that drive your school forward. A hiring best practice that we constantly preach is to hire slow, fire fast. You won’t have to worry about being quick to fire if you put a hiring funnel in place and create an automated stream of excellent candidates to choose from (especially during this time when the marketplace is flooded with teachers and not enough jobs to go around). 

  • O stands for Onboarding.  This term has become a staple in the industry for what we do and how we do it when we’re trying to uplevel our leadership game. Your new hires need to be intentionally onboarded to the culture of your school. 

  • T stands for Train. Create a consistent training system to put in place. Develop it to be crafted and automated specifically to your school. Ideally, I recommend that you capture your training process and systems by recording it on your phone, iPad, or computer and create an online video training portal that is user friendly.

  • E stands for Empowerment. With leadership comes a practice for you to model great behavior and communication allowing you to empower your team. Learn to start letting your people do what they were meant to do. Use different assessments and tools to determine what your teams natural born gifts are (unique abilities) that they can do better, faster, and in a more gifted way than anyone else on your team. Help them strengthen their strengths and don’t worry so much about their weaknesses.

  • PCC  stands for Positive, Collaborative Culture. Will create a positive, collaborative culture. This is the foundation of Relationship Roadmap by Sindye Alexander. When you have a positive, collaborative culture in place the “rubber with hit the road” and your team will help drive your schools vision and mission forward. 

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