How to Win with Digital Marketing with Bruce Spurr

In today’s episode, Digital Marketing Expert and real-life Rocket Scientist Bruce Spurr joins Kris for a talk on how to win the digital marketing game using Facebook ads, Google Maps, and Google Search. They touch upon how to get your school to stand out, even above the “big boys” of advertising, ways to leverage your ad no matter how small your budget, what consists of a great ad, and how to use digital marketing to keep your enrollment high or fill the empty spaces.

He and Kris reminisce of the olden days before social media, and ways that they have learned to adapt and work together in the current landscape to help child care owners overcome their challenges in the field. Strap in, and get ready to launch into the digital marketing stratosphere!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Bruce shares how he went from a physical labor job as a construction worker, to entrepreneur building e-commerce sites, then marketing and advertising. He has a Degree in Physics and Engineering and is a rocket scientist by education.
  • All the owners Bruce has had the chance to meet are kind and loving people, driven by a purpose to help. They are in it for the passion of making a difference in the lives of children and leaving a legacy, but often are run by their business, instead of running their business. When Kris and Bruce work with the owner together, they win the battle of hiring in a tight labor market and the battle of filling up the school in a competitive community.
  • Bruce explains why people need to do Facebook ads, and how it’s important for people both just indirectly scrolling and also searching in a focused manner for child care centers geographically close to them.
  • SEO used to be about getting listed on a page, now it’s about getting listed in Places and Maps. Google is smart and figured out the search algorithm on a specific school in general, and organic articles and information on how to pick a school in general. It is a huge game changer and Kris and Bruce have even seen people triple their results once they get the Google Maps piece of the puzzle figured out.
  • When Bruce works with clients to determine the lifetime value of the customer, it is clear spending the initial marketing money to attract them is a drop in the bucket to secure them long-term.
  • The “Insights” tab on Facebook is a magical place, where you can look for your most popular posts, what gets the highest engagement (aka hunting for unicorns) and what gets the normal or not so big response (the donkey). Bruce explains how to drill down to hit your target market in a Boosted Post and why you may want to use Targeted Ads for an even more specific reach.
  • Even just $5-$10 can be a great budget to start Boosting and Re-Boosting your post. When something works, keep doing the same.
  • Bruce explains the difference between the two different types of ads. For an ad that is simple and straightforward with an offer or incentive for enrollment, they call it a “tuition credit” instead of a discount.
  • Your school’s success depends on getting yourself in the digital marketing game. It is a fun journey to play around and see what part of it you like best, whether it’s creating videos, managing the back end of ads or posting photos and captions.
  • Invest in some tools such as a selfie stick and mic to enhance the quality of your videos and audio.

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