“I Never Knew Life Could Be So Fun” with Donna Naleway

I am so happy to welcome Donna Naleway, Owner & Director of Kid Country Childcare, who is celebrating her 20th anniversary in business. In October 2015, Kid Country Childcare earned the Silver Circle of Quality designation from ExceleRate Illinois, the state’s quality recognition and improvement system for early learning and development providers. Donna was also the runner-up for the annual Child Care Rockstar Contest that takes place each year the The Child Care Success Summit. Since joining the Child Care Success Academy just two years ago at the height of the pandemic, Donna has learned and changed so much about her business. She shares her top enrollment strategies, how automation has changed her business, why mindset is everything, and much more.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  • [7:17] Donna gives an overview of how she got into the business of childcare, what her current enrollment looks like, and how she’ll be celebrating 20 years in business

  • [12:36] Fun Fact about Donna: when she met her husband she laid out her entire business plan for him so her career goals were loud and clear.

  • [15:32] Donna shares with Kris how the Child Care Success Academy inspired her to expand her business.

  • [16:39] Donna shares how she has built her brand over the last two decades and what values she has crafted and incorporates into the marketing for her child care business over the years.

  • [21:24] Kris asks Donna what the biggest game changers has been that she has implemented in her business since joining the Academy.

  • [22:35] Donna shares how going outside the box and hiring a virtual assistant has allowed her to up-level all aspects of her life.

  • [24:22] The Academy has taught Donna the art of delegating different tasks as well as other key improvements.

  • [26:46] Donn and Kris discuss the power of shifting your mindset and how surrounding yourself with the right people can change everything.

  • [30:38] Plain and simple; Donna made filling her enrollment spots the top priority.

  • [33:29] It’s okay to override the guilt in charging families knowing you’re giving them quality staff and quality offerings.

  • [36:31] Donna share’s what it was like to tell her story on stage at The Child Care Success Summit… and how you can too!

  • [40:51] Kris asks Donna how she defines a Child Care Rockstar.

  • [41:38] Donna shares what leadership books she has been reading lately.

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