Improving Health and Safety Processes in the Current Times with Martin Bing

The present state of the world is placing an emphasis on schools upping their game in many ways, with the quality of health and safety being at the forefront of importance. Martin Bing joins the show this week to talk about how his company, 1Place Childcare, provides a tool for leaders and schools to feel secure about their compliance, training, processes, and procedures. Martin shares how he and his team at 1Place work to help leaders execute their plans put in place and make sure their staffs are consistently and concisely trained to ensure a high level of health and safety throughout their schools. Martin and Kris also talk about what new protocols they are seeing in response to COVID-19, how 1Place can visually demonstrate success, and the importance of creating checklists in this time of a new landscape.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Martin has a background in both IT and accounting, and is a self-described process nerd, just like Kris. His interest in entrepreneurialism led to his founding 1Place when he identified a need for an online tool to measure processes and easily share information and solve problems.

  • 1Place provides a way for owners and leaders to streamline processes, use checklists for training and documentation, and have oversight over multiple locations. This is extra relevant to the times now, where schools must show extra compliance for health and safety issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Martin’s wife, Weng Wai Chan, recently published a book, Lizard’s Tale. The book is now available for sale on Amazon in the United States.

  • A few of the new Health and Safety protocols in response to COVID-19 include upped hygiene measures, temperature screenings, and creating systems for social distancing.

  • 1Place provides a sophisticated answer for a workflow that allows issues and problems to be dealt with as close to real-time as possible. Instead of seeing an issue and needing to write it down to deal with later, users can contact the maintenance team right away to fix the problem.

  • Showing videos and photos really do tell the story of how your school is stepping up, and people will remember and choose you because of that. Once you get your checklist down, you can do videos to demonstrate your school’s compliance to help comfort parents and show that you take measures seriously.

  • 1Place is also a tool that can provide the answers for why a certain pattern of issues keeps popping up, whether it’s a broken process, training, or in the leadership.

  • Creating checklists can give us a sense of control, and helps us deal with stress.

  • Kris and Martin discuss the importance of enhanced health and safety procedures, which most schools and centers are implementing as a response to COVID-19.  Martin and his colleagues at 1Place have created a free set of health and safety checklists for our podcast listeners, which is available for free at this special page:

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