Increase Child Care Enrollments with Your Phone Script

I am continuously am amazed by the awesome lifestyle Coach Jennifer Conner has created for herself from applying the lessons and tips she learned through joining the Child Care Success Academy™. In fact, Jennifer’s perseverance resulted in so much success that I knew if she shared her journey and strategy with other child care business owners that she could inspire them to take action and achieve the same phenomenal results. Through her renowned delegation skills, Jennifer has built such a strong staff culture in her two centers in Louisiana that she is now able to work remotely while she lives on the beach in Mexico.

In 2017 I asked Jennifer to join my team of child care business coaches and I am thrilled for her to share one of the biggest reasons her centers stay full – her phone script! In today’s video, I would like to share Coach Jennifer’s 10 Minute Talk she presented at the Child Care Success Summit last year in Dallas. It will provide you with the tips you need to create a winning phone script to increase your enrollments.

Here are the key takeaways from this video:

  • The average center receives about seven phone calls a day regarding inquiries for new enrollments.
  • When you answer the phone, keep in mind how much money taking that phone call could be worth to you in the end. According to HiMama, in 2018 the average toddler enrollment price was $957 a month, equating to $11,484 a year, with an average lifetime customer value of $40,194.
  • Change your team’s mindset revolving around answering the phone and make it become a less daunting task. Train staff members how to confidently answer the phone and have answers ready for the questions being asked by :
      • Developing a phone script for them to use
      • Training them on that phone script
      • Include role-playing the phone script as your main focus of training
  • Exhibit energy and excitement when you answer the phone, it shows through on the other end. Three key things to remember when answering the phone are…
      • Provide “WOW” customer service no matter what the call regards
      • When addressing questions/concerns always remember to say “I can help you with that” and assure them that you will get them an answer to their question/concern
      • Find a way to connect with the customer so they feel confident that they’ve made the right call
  • Have a note-taking system that is convenient and in place when answering phone calls. When you answer the phone you should always be focused on…
      • Getting their name
      • Getting their phone number and email
      • Scheduling a tour with them

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