Innovation in the Classroom: A New Way to Help Kids Read with Jodi McMaster

Kris welcomes Jodi McMaster, an incredible innovator, teacher, and the force behind Circus Vowels. Jodi talks about how she created Circus Vowels to help kids learn to read in an intuitive and interactive way. She talks about the real-world success she’s seen with the product and gives her advice on how you can add more value to your program, celebrate the small wins for the children in the your care, and play a bigger game. She and Kris also share some great takeaways on growth vs. fixed mindset and you will have to guess which one was able to fly at zero gravity without an issue!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  • [13:00] Jodi talks about how she saw the need to create a strategy for reading and comprehension that ultimately led to Circus Vowels. She innovated to create something that kept kids engaged and could easily help other kids learn.

  • [13:54] If kids are engaged in their lesson and can move their bodies, they are going to learn and remember better than if they just had to sit still. If children have the opportunity to also teach others, they typically will remember 90% of what it is they taught.

  • [18:29] Fun fact: Jodi is an adrenaline rush junkie, and she loves outdoorsy and sporty challenges (including a zero-gravity flight!).

  • [20:50] Jodi talks about real-life tangible results from Circus Vowels, including her students growing an average of two years of reading growth in just one school year.

  • [23:40] It’s important to celebrate the small wins of children and show that you believe in them.

  • [34:10] With reports now showing that 1 in 10 children can be diagnosed with dyslexia, Jodi and Kris discuss why innovations like Circus Vowels are important.

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