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Jamarrion Tabor

Child Care Business Coach

Jamarrion Tabor owns five award-winning 24-hour child care centers in the Atlanta metro area. She has mastered creating a child care culture where her employees feel valued, and their contributions to her five locations inspire parents to feel confident that her suite of child care centers are the right fit for their children. She has mastered employee CULTURE and has a waitlist at every center filled with eager parents who prefer to do business with her. She has a passion for emerging child care owners, to show them how to thrive as profitable owners and operators in the industry.

Jamarrion transitioned into working in child care because she wanted to spend more time with her children and provide quality child care to underserved children. She started this business right from her living room to secure time freedom. Her background is military; the Navy to be exact. In 2021, she won the Child Care Rockstar award and has been featured on Child Care Rockstar Radio™ hosted by Kris Murray, as well as the ChildCareCRM podcast.

Jamarrion joined The Child Care Success Academy™ in 2019 as a Growth member. When she joined, she had 1 location and was on the verge of closing. Since then, Jamarrion has scaled to five child care centers by implementing the tools and resources from the Academy, reached the Empire level in the Academy, and is now a Coach.

Jamarrion’s focus is ensuring that child care business operators are proficient in business operations systems, hiring and retaining the right team members for their centers, small business owner sustainability, sales, marketing, and curating a culture where everyone wants to win.

Jamarrion wants to empower child care professionals to grow child care businesses that check off every wish list line item of parents in their area. She believes that accountability and having access to the right resources are the heartbeat of a flourishing empire.

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