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Jennifer Conner

Chief Executive Officer

Child Care was something new to Jennifer when she purchased her first center in 2006. She had worked in outside sales, inside sales, management, and marketing with her Bachelor’s Degree in Management/Marketing AND Psychology – so as you can imagine, the jump to child care was definitely life-changing. It also turned out to be the best thing she had ever done with her career.

After Jennifer had taken over a struggling child care business, she realized she needed help. That’s when fate stepped in. The end of summer was quickly approaching and she was getting nervous about the upcoming school year when she received a strange piece of mail that caught her attention. She had received a bank bag… what? It was an invitation to the Child Care Success Summit 2012. She and her husband did some Google searching and found that Kris Murray might actually know a thing or two about marketing for child care centers. They immediately bought a ticket, met Kris, joined the Academy, and GREW their business. Within 5 years, Jen was a true believer in the Kris Murray Method and joined her team as a Child Care Success Coach.

Jen brought her strong leadership skills and industry knowledge to the coaching team. Absorbing everything she was taught and after discovering what the other Academy members were struggling with, she helped Kris grow the program to help even more businesses in this field.

Jennifer Conner was promoted to the Director of Coaching in 2019 and then to CEO in 2023. Through her renowned delegation skills, she was able to build a strong staff culture and leadership team with an ownership mentality enabling her to live – and work – from a beach in Mexico!

She is now fully exited from her business, leaving behind a legacy that her Executive Director now owns and operates, allowing her to enjoy her successes, spend time with her awesome husband and four great kids, coach the best owners and team members in the child care industry – and enjoy that beautiful Mexican beach!

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