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Jennifer Conner

Chief Executive Officer

With over 20 years of experience in the child care industry, Jennifer Conner is a seasoned expert and the current CEO of Child Care Success Company (CCSC). Jennifer’s journey began with a strong foundation in sales, management, and marketing. She graduated from McNeese State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Marketing and a minor in Psychology (which you can imagine comes in handy in a child care setting!).

Through a series of fate-directed events, Jennifer purchased her first child care center in 2005. In the beginning, business was good, but after six years, Jennifer found herself and the center struggling. Staff retention was low or non-existent, enrollment was suffering, and not only was it not making money, it was losing money. In short, things were broken and Jennifer thought it might be time to leave behind her child care business. But fate intervened again, and she attended the first-ever Child Care Success Summit in 2012 and joined the Child Care Success Academy. Through the strategies she learned, Jennifer doubled enrollment, tripled revenue, and eventually opened a second location, completely transforming her business, her mindset, and her passion.

In 2017, Jennifer joined the CCSC team as a Child Care Success Coach, bringing strong leadership skills and industry knowledge to the coaching team. By understanding the challenges faced by Academy members, she helped Kris Murray grow the program to support even more child care owners and leaders. Jennifer was promoted to Director of Coaching in 2019, where her expertise in systems and delegation helped move the company forward towards the vision of positively impacting one million children’s lives. Today, CCSC has surpassed that vision, and we have positively impacted over 1.2 million children!

Jennifer continued to build a strong staff culture and leadership team with an ownership mentality at her own child care centers. So much so that she was able to move, live, and work from her favorite beach location – Tulum, Mexico. She eventually fully exited her business in 2022, leaving behind a legacy that her Executive Director now owns and operates.

In 2023, she was promoted to CEO of the Child Care Success Company, allowing her to make a bigger difference and impact in the industry and in the lives of child care owners and leaders. Jennifer’s personal mission is to empower child care owners and leaders to live their best lives and have successful child care businesses by working closely with them, identifying their struggles, and providing coaching, content, and resources through proven techniques at CCSC. She intends to make a real difference in the world!

Born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Jennifer now resides between her hometown and the beautiful beaches of Tulum, Mexico. She is a proud mom of four children: Trevor, Madison, Camryn, and Colton. With the youngest just having left for college, she and her husband, Britt, are now empty nesters. Along with a passion for child care, she also has a passion to spend her new “empty nest” time wherever there is water, sun, and sparkling beaches, traveling with her husband. Every day is a new adventure!

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