Our Team

Jennifer Conner

Director of Coaching

Jennifer Conner is the Director of Coaching at The Child Care Success Company. Before joining the CCSC team, Jennifer was a member of the Child Care Success Academy (CCSA) and worked to discover how to work on her business rather than in it and to delegate better within her two schools that she owns in Louisiana. Today, Jennifer’s two schools run as a self-sustaining business and she is able to manage them completely remote from her new home in Mexico.

Jennifer loves being a part of a team that she feels has a strong sense of camaraderie, loyalty, and passion towards each other and their CCSA members. She loves having the opportunity to share her insights delegation with other child care owners and directors so they can empower their staff and improve their workplace culture. Just as she was excited to bring positive change within her schools to better the lives of her staff, Jennifer is now excited to bring positive change in the lives of CCSA members and their staff.

Now that Jennifer has mastered the art of delegation, she can be found soaking up the sun on a beach or singing and dancing along to her favorite song. She is on a mission for her and her family to make the most of their lives and she is eager to seize every day… so much so she even has “Seize the Day” tattooed on her foot!

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