Our Team

Joel Billings

Business Development Specialist

Joel Billings is a Business Development Specialist at The Child Care Success Company. Joel brings over 35 years of sales and management experience to the team, and he retired from working in the auto industry in 2018 after working in it for 17 years. During his time in the auto industry, he was aware “Salesperson of the Year” several times. Lucky for CCSC, Brian Duprey, a CCSC certified child care coach and director of sales, was able to bring Joel out of retirement and convince him to join our team.

Through his work with CCSC, Joel aspires to help those working in the child care industry create a positive workplace culture so they can stop going to work feeling undervalued and undercompensated. Joel believes that between himself and the dedicated, compassionate staff of CCSC that are on a mission to transform the lives of child care owners that this aspiration can become a reality.

When Joel isn’t working on getting a sale, he can be spotted cruising around Maine in his vista blue Ford Mustang GT. He also loves spending time with his family and two grandsons who he is thankful that keep his life busy and rewarding.

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