What is the value of a leader? What purpose do they really serve in a group? How does having a great leader provide a group an advantage?

It’s easy to be a manager in your ECE business. You can train staff, deal with difficult parents, gain enrollments, and keep your school running without ever truly becoming a leader. The difference is that a true leader leads with a purpose. They will build a company culture with buy-in from every single employee. Staff will love working for you, and parents will be excited to enroll their children and refer friends. You’ll have less turnover, less gossip and drama, and more full classrooms.

But how do you get to that point? What does a real leader even truly look like?

To find out, join child care business expert Ben Poswalk on Wednesday, June 14th, 2023 at 1 pm EST for a brand new webinar: The Power of Leadership: How to Ignite Inspiration, Drive Innovation, And Achieve Excellence.

In this FREE 60-minute session, you’ll learn:

    • How to inspire those around you with a common vision
    • How to engage every team member in meaningful activities
    • How to innovate products and processes
    • How to achieve results by creating structure and clarity
    • How to become more self-aware in your ability to transform, coach, and influence people

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Webinar: The Power of Leadership

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Meet Your Webinar Host, Ben Poswalk

Ben is a part of the CCSC sales team and the former Executive Director of Paradise Place Preschool in Crested Butte, Colorado. Prior to landing that role, Ben taught elementary physical education for five years. Before Ben joined the CCSC team, he was a member of the CCSC Child Care Success Academy (CCSA) and won Marketer of the Year in 2016.

Being a part of the CCSC team allows Ben to help other preschool owners and directors to improve the environments and education that they are able to provide for their families. While working for his school, Ben discovered how to run his business so he could work on it and not in it all the time. He hopes to teach as many CCSA members as he can how to do that and believes it is one of the most valuable lessons that is taught in the CCSA.