Keeping You Recession Proof and Financially Healthy

Kris opens up today’s episode with a thank you to all of her past guests and a fun recap of the amazing conversations over the past nine episodes. Next, she gives tips and keys on how to financially protect yourself and become recession proof. Then, she gives the top two essential tips on how to have a full house, and why you need to get started today. Finally, an exciting new announcement regarding the Enrollment Bootcamp Challenge!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Kris gives a thank you to all of her past guests in 2017 and gives a quick overview of all the fun happenings over the past nine episodes.
  • Her aim is twofold: Protect early childhood business owners from threats and risks and help you strengthen your business. The second is innovation and growth in a way that is prosperous and fun for all involved.
  • Three rules to protect yourself financially and being recession-proof:1. Know your cash situation, and how much you have access to.
    1. Make a list and do some financial housekeeping so you are aware of your total access to cash and liquidity.

    2. Look at your financial decisions and take them seriously, whether it’s hiring and employee expansion, taxes; save more and live below your means.
    3. Have a full house (full enrollment) now. This gives you the power to do rate increases and possibly charge a waitlist fee and summer holding fee.

  • Kris gives the top two essential tips on how to have a full house.
    1. To be found.
    2. To build trust.
  • Exciting new announcement! Kris has decided to bring back the Enrollment Bootcamp Challenge live training. It’s a five-week course that is the bread and butter of what she teaches and will be updated in 2018. More information on Enrollment Bootcamp.

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