Keys to Happiness: Eliminating Fear, Drama, and Negative Beliefs From Your Life Forever with Jody Marquis

In this powerful and super fun episode, Jody Marquis joins Kris to take a deep dive into mind-blowing concepts such as important questions to ask both yourself and your team, tips for language and scripts when having difficult conversations, and shifts we can do to get out of the Drama Triangle and into receiving abundance. Jody also explains the importance of doing self-work when working with kids and shares more on how the Chance for Change Institute works with leaders to transform themselves through their mindset, beliefs, and habits.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The Chance for Change Institute in Vermont supports teachers and leaders in training so everyone comes to work happy and ready to do their best for the kids. One passion of Jody’s is working with diverse groups and helping them step into their best selves, no matter what cards life has previously handed them.

  • People are operating from their own belief systems. It can be powerful to shift from taking everything personally into asking people the right questions to find out where they are coming from, and what they are really looking to get out of life. The more we get clarity on our own limiting beliefs, the more we can move out of negativity and be present in our jobs and relationships.

  • Those that work with children have even more responsibility to manage their own energy and mindsets. One of Kris’s favorite phrases in leadership is “help me understand,” and that is also a concept that can be helpful in the classroom to defuse potential fights or bad behavior.

  • According to the research data, eight out of 10 people that come into the Early Childhood Care field carry limiting beliefs from their own childhood trauma. The first step is to have empathy and realize where people are coming from.

  • Now is the time for the child care industry to claim our rightful spot as a professional social service that can step up in the time of a pandemic. It is an opportunity to help in our communities and assist parents with navigating through this tough time.

  • Even during a pandemic we can still look for the beauty and focus on abundance, not lack.

  • Overcoming fear is being able to do specific things to move out of negative thought cycles and the Drama Triangle of blame, shame, and complaining.

  • The more we can get into the vibration of love, the more we set ourselves up to manifest and receive.

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