Kim Harris: Lifting People Up with “Big-Ups”

In this episode, Kris welcomes the awesome Kim Harris, affectionately known as “Big Ups,” from The Harris & Tucker School in Connecticut. Kim talks about getting her structures “right and tight” and how she stays on the pulse of good leadership. She talks more about the rich legacy of The Harris & Tucker School, and their mission to create superhero influencers and a culture that connects the whole community. She expounds more on Harris & Tucker’s values of respect, integrity, and faith-based education and how she has accomplished so many goals over the years, one of which was getting accredited.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [12:00] Harris & Tucker becoming an urban epicenter and growth community.
  • [15:23] Harris & Tucker is the only Black-woman, family-owned-and-operated, nationally accredited, faith-based urban center in the area.
  • [16:56] Kim speaks more about Harris & Tucker’s leadership structure.
  • [20:56] The two big things that really set Harris & Tucker apart.
  • [22:03] Creating superhero influencers.
  • [24:28] Where did the phrase “big ups” come from?
  • [25:04] Kim discusses taking on her new role after her mother’s passing and her vision for growth, including national accreditation.
  • [27:03] The beauty of longevity in the community, along with values such as community connection and ongoing education.
  • [28:02] Why the pandemic was the best thing that happened to the school.
  • [33:26] The benefits they have seen since joining the Child Care Success Academy.
  • [36:11] Automating operations and systems.
  • [44:13] Kim defines a child care rockstar as someone who has helped to create a movement through transforming their community.

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