Kris Murray on The Preschool Podcast

In this week’s episode, we flip the podcast and replay the conversation Kris recently had with Ron Spreeuwenburg from The Preschool Podcast. They discuss why marketing strategies are important for child care, the change in the landscape of how people should market, and the two main buckets to be sure your strategy is covering. Kris also discusses how to build trust and rapport with potential and existing parents, and why it’s okay to show the whole world how cool and innovative your work is.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • The Preschool Podcast is brought to you by HiMama, a platform for learning from leading professionals in early childhood education.
  • The North American Child Care Benchmark Study is here, and would love your help in providing a broader base to the sample size. The more data, the better.
  • Any business needs to market so they can be found by the best clients and maximize their enrollment.
  • Even at 90% enrolled, you are still leaving thousands of dollars on the table.
  • The two buckets that Kris feels are important to cover in digital marketing are researching and social media.
  • Visibility on Google is key to enrollment. When parents are googling “child care” or “daycare” in your location, it is important to be one of the top results.
  • Schools should have a business page, and it is more about engagement now than likes. While targeted ads can be more direct, we should think of Facebook as a tool to bolster human engagement and connection. Pictures, videos, and comments are great ways to start a conversation and add texture to the community.
  • The more real and human a business is on Facebook, the more it will build trust from millennial parents.
  • Many business owners just want to focus on their business and not dive into social media. That is fine, just make sure you have an expert such as Kris Murray’s team on board to make sure you have your bases covered.
  • Don’t be shy about sharing all the great and exciting stuff you are doing on your website and social media!

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