Kris Murray’s Goal Setting Process

This week, Kris shares a tried and true roadmap for exactly how she sets and achieves goals. If you are looking to make 2019 the best year yet, listen in, as you will get concrete examples to apply to your personal and professional life. Kris gives great insight on how to get traction towards actually accomplishing your goals, the importance of a tribe, and ways to stay accountable once things are in motion.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Kris thanks everyone for their support in this podcast in 2018; The Child Care Success Company is growing big in 2019! They are the top podcast in the business of child care, and it’s because of your support and sharing. This year was fantastic for the Child Care Success Academy. It grew by 45%, and is now strong with 140 motivated and successful members.
  • Many of us have weight loss and fitness goals but fail to stick with them or we have no clue where to begin. One way to build in accountability is to join a tribe or mastermind with a community that will support you and help you keep on track. For Kris, 2019 is going to be about fitness, both physically and financially.
  • Action Item: Write out five to six goals you want to achieve that are specific, time-bound, measurable, attainable, and somewhat realistic.
  • What are you leaving behind in 2019 that doesn’t serve your highest calling? Negative self-talk, mindset patterns, toxic relationships — all can be left behind in the new year to make a path toward moving forward.
  • By Jan 15, 75% of people abandon their resolutions. Writing down your dreams and resolutions is the difference between people making progress in their lives, and those sitting idly on the sidelines.
  • A simple piece of paper with three columns: Goal, Why/Motivation, and Progress is an inexpensive and efficient way to begin.
  • When we read the statement as though it happens, our brain tells our body that this is possible.

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