Leaning In to Excellence with Jerzell Pierre-Louis

Kris kicks off this week with a fun new announcement about a recent purchase she made and then welcomes Jerzell Pierre-Louis, Founder of Sprout Early Education Center and Bloom Early Education Center. Ever since Kris heard Jerzell talking next to her table in Las Vegas at this year’s past Child Care Success Summit, she knew she had to have her on. Jerzell shares her game-changing strategies for upping your marketing and enrollment, talks about leaving people better than we found them, and how to model the behavior you want to see to your team. Jerzell gets us jazzed about scaling bigger and better, and how she has overcome challenges by leaning in, asking for help, and surrounding herself with excellent people.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [6:22] Kris reveals her recent dream purchase that she was able to check off of her bucket list!

  • [10:09] Jerzell shares what her journey has been in the education industry throughout the last 20 years and discusses what her transition was like becoming a center owner or two locations in the past decade.

  • [14:07] Jerzell shares the unique selling points that her and her school offer that she believes sets their program apart from the competition.

  • [19:24] Jerzell talks about how the pandemic has been the biggest business challenge she has faced, and how she shifted her focus to lean into her membership with the Child Care Success Academy, her pod, and the resources that are available.

  • [22:22] Sprout is intentional about developing leaders and sticking to Jerzell’s core values. Her life slogan is “It’s important for me to leave people better off than I found them.”

  • [25:25] Jerzell shares how she demonstrates to her leaders the level of quality she expects from them.

  • [30:00] Jerzell shares some of the benefits of being an Academy member that she has found to be invaluable.

  • [33:10] Kris and Jerzell discuss the positive changes and outcomes that Jerzell experienced once she started investing in herself and how hiring a coach was a game-changer for her.

  • [36:38] Kris asks Jerzell to answer her most loved-to-ask-question on the podcast: “How do you define a Child Care Rockstar?”


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