Let Facebook Do the Talking This School Year

Can you believe another summer has come and gone and a new school year is in full swing? Wow! I know getting everyone into the routine of things can be time consuming, leaving you left with no time to create engaging Facebook posts for your child care business page.

I agree, sometimes creating fun and engaging Facebook posts can be draining and time-sucking if you have a million other things on your mind.

Regardless, with the high amount of millennial parents scrolling through your Facebook pages today, taking a break from posting is not an option.

Luckily, the back to school seasons in itself provides an abundance of fun and engaging post ideas for you to take advantage of so your Facebook page aren’t left neglected. Here a few ideas to get your social media posting plan started this year…

New Teachers and Staff

Introducing your new teachers and staff on Facebook is an awesome idea for multiple reasons.

Your newbies will greatly appreciate the extra love shown towards them in those posts and it gives them a fun way to share their job updates with their family and friends. You never know if any of your newbies’ Facebook friends are looking for child care and might end up discovering your school through their shared post.

Your parents and community will also be happy that they are being introduced to (or reminded of) the new staff that will be entering their children’s environment.

Parents will be especially welcoming on new staff posts if you include a brief bio with each one that demonstrates their qualifications for their new position and doing this shows that you have carefully vetted each person to make sure they are right for the job.

Renovations and Updates

Whether you’ve updated your curriculum, given a few classrooms a makeover, or switched out some of your dated playground equipment, any type of renovation or update is always worthy of a Facebook post. Informing your community of these updates will demonstrate that your school works hard to stay current and that you care about the environment that their children are developing in.

If you’re debating whether or not you want to share these types of posts, always keep in mind that millennial parents almost always explore the Facebook pages of the schools they are considering for their children. You never know which renovation or update you have done recently that will catch the attention of parents and make your school stand out against your competition.


The start of every new school year is always filled with the forgetfulness of parents due to the hustle and bustle of adjusting to new routines. Of course, you can and should be using your CRM systems or parent communication apps to send out automated email reminders (and/or text remingers) to parents about things such as picture day and class parties, but sometimes those emails get lost in flooded inboxes or they are quickly skimmed and forgotten.

Chances are, most of your parents have liked your schools Facebook page and would be happy to see another reminder on their timelines for these important date.

Potential families that are browsing through your page will also be interested to learn about the special activities and events you have planned for the kids at your school.

Key Benefits and Reviews

Although your school has probably already gained its’ new enrollments for the fall, sharing your key benefits and outstanding reviews on your Facebook page will reassure parents that they have made the right decision to entrust their child in your care.

Positive momentum and culture will start to build among parents through these constant reminders. In turn, they will be much more likely to take a step back and have a conversation with you when they have a concern or issue rather than lashing out because they will respect the reputation and teachers of your school.

Families New to Your School

Of course only do this one with their permission, but introducing new families that have just enrolled is one way to make them feel extra welcome.

This will also encourage your existing families to go out of their way during pick up to introduce themselves and create friendships with your new families.

If your new enrollment is also new to the area, a welcoming Facebook post can also act as a gateway and outlet for them to ask local parents for recommendations for pediatricians, produce markets, plumbers, gyms, you name it!

Showing your families that are new to the area a little extra love as a community will also encourage them to be engaged and involved at your school. It’s a win for everyone!

I hope these ideas have sparked social media creativity within you and allows you to kick off your back to school social media game strong! If your school plans any other fun and engaging back to school “must-have” posts, please share them in the comments below!

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