Life Gives To The Giver with Andre Norman

Author, speaker, and leader Andre Norman truly exemplifies what it means to turn your life around and turn your blessings into gifts for others. This week, Andre joins Kris for an impactful and important episode about how we can shift our life to be something we are proud of and excited to live. He shares his story of going to prison and how he turned it around to create the Academy of Hope and show others support in everything from corporate training to one-on-one sessions. Andre talks about the fulfillment he personally feels while actively working with teens and young adults, helping them find their purpose and stay out of prison. He also talks with Kris about how to give from a place of abundance, why counseling is important, and his book Ambassador of Hope, out now.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  •  [13:40] Andre shares his story of how he gave up passion and focus to fit in and ended up in a state penitentiary and became a gang leader inside. Then, he turned it all around and saw the ways he could influence and impact others. He taught himself to read, understand the law, and went on to attend Harvard and work with others on their substance abuse. Now he has worked for multiple presidents and Prime Ministers, helped to stop the Ferguson riots, and was instrumental in creating the faith-based initiative for George Bush.

  • [16:25] Andre shares how he found the inspiration to flip his script from one of despair to turning his life around. 

  • [19:39] Andre shares why no one should ever be afraid to get help and judge the help that they get.

  • [21:36] Andre talks about the emotions he feels knowing that this work has a positive impact on others and they drive him each day.

  • [26:36] Andre shares where the inspiration for his new book, Ambassador of Hope, came from and how he combined his own skills with the skills of others to work to write/publish this book. Where did the inspiration for Andre’s book, Ambassador of Hope, come from?

  • [30:34] Andre and Kris discuss how to not allow ourselves to get taken advantage of as givers so we don’t reach the point of being broken down.

    [33:02] Andre shares what some things are that we can give of ourselves besides money that can help make a positive impact in the life of someone struggling.

  • [36:46] Andre discusses Academy of Hope and how it started as prison-focused but has now expanded to anyone that needs it.

  • [45:20] Andre closes out the show by sharing what a main message/takeaway he wants everyone to remember.

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