Becoming A Limitless Version of You with Amir Zoghi

Are you ready to live a Limitless life? This week, Kris extends a warm welcome to Amir Zoghi, one of her mentors and a renowned coach whose impactful WTF talks have influenced thousands, while his transformative events provide a gateway to unlocking a higher, deeper, and more limitless version of oneself. Amir emphasizes the importance of creating space within and fostering an ethos of wisdom, truth, and freedom that forms the foundation of the Limitless experience. He talks about the rebranding of WTF to the Limitless events that take participants on a profound journey of self-discovery, helping them uncover their purpose and upgrade their perspective on the world. Prepare to be inspired as Amir empowers you to tap into your energy, intuition, and limitless potential, setting you on a path of remarkable personal growth and fulfillment.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [7:37] Whether it’s working as a mindset coach, speaking, or flying as an aerobatic pilot, Amir’s work will get you out of your comfort zone.

  • [9:03] Our mindset is the program that we are running, but if you want to change your mindset, it sometimes requires an updated capacity.

  • [10:09] Our capacity has to grow sometimes in order to accomplish some of the goals and tasks we desire.

  • [10:33] Becoming the highest frequency of yourself can allow you to tap into your greatest potential.

  • [11:50] The greatest level of purpose is realized in who you are. When you improve the relationship that you have with yourself, you can become purposeful in everything you do.

  • [15:00] How to give yourself space and time when you have a busy and demanding schedule, a family/partner, etc.

  • [18:17] Where your attention goes, it grows.

  • [22:39] You’ve got nothing to give to others unless you’ve put yourself first.

  • [26:17] The importance of claiming your own time in partnerships so you can fill your own cup up.

  • [27:18] Who were the early influences who impacted Amir?

  • [31:17] His journey of embracing his gifts.

  • [32:11] Amir’s certainty, even at his younger age, when starting his WTF talks.

  • [33:55] What is a Limitless event and how has the brand grown over the years? What can people expect at a Limitless event?

  • [41:05] How entrepreneurs have the vision and gut instinct to change the world.

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