Making a Difference: What We’re Meant to Do On Earth – Holly Elisa Bruno

I am thrilled to bring you Holly Elissa Bruno on today’s episode. She has a huge heart and has seven decades of wisdom to bring to you in times of change. She is an expert in legal issues as a “recovering attorney,” and has great advice on how to run a business with clear policies that protect you. We talk to Holly about persistence through challenges, the curved line of our paths, how knowing the law manages our expectations, trends and innovation within the industry, and being of support to the unique and authentic leaders making a difference in our future.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Holly began in education and discovered that she would love to work with children while they are still open and forming their attitudes in early childhood. Along the way, she became a professor, attorney, and taught a course called “The Human Side of Management.” She had a great blessing of meeting and networking with early childhood leaders and felt inspired to continue on the path of changing lives.
  • Holly feels most passionate and inspired when working with leaders that work with children. Even though the work is so powerful, a lot of times we are seen as glorified babysitters, caregivers, or lucky to get paid to work with children.
  • Holly’s intention is to keep learning always and she has a fascination with life, travel and education.
  • One of the things she did to change her life immensely was to take her experience with law and travel and bring it into co-writing her book Managing Legal Risks in Early Childhood Programs.
  • Holly gives examples of when the law can be facilitative rather than restrictive, and how certain policies can help get an honest reference for a potential employee.
  • Children should get outdoors and have a free and fun environment. We don’t recommend eating dirt but there is something fun to making a mud pie or splashing in a puddle.
  • Holly defines herself as a recovering work addict. She is much less focused now on her accomplishments and to do list and more on being present.
  • It’s about the four L’s: living, loving, learning and laughing. Holly pulls it into one practice each day by asking “How much today was my life touched by love, and how much did I open my heart?”
  • If a child doesn’t feel safe the child can’t relax enough to learn. Until a child feels safe he/she can’t feel love and absorb any type of education.
  • Holly defines a rockstar as someone that is so true to themselves that they can use all of their unique and authentic self to make a difference.

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