Maria Dos Santos: From Venezuela to Florida: Driven By Impact

In this episode, Kris welcomes the awesome Maria dos Santos, a childcare entrepreneur hailing from Florida with Venezuelan roots. Maria founded My First Academy, a thriving venture with three locations, each catering to around 100 children, and she’s not stopping there — she’s gearing up for the opening of her fourth location in December 2023. Maria’s commitment to her business and her “whatever it takes” mindset, deeply rooted in her upbringing, are evident in her approach to life and her work with her family and team.

During the conversation, Maria shares the unique benefits and value components that distinguish her school. Maria also discusses her leadership style and how she has nurtured her team while scaling her enterprise. Lastly, she shares the influential figures in her life and her ongoing commitment to giving back to her community and supporting families, parents, and educators.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [6:59] The beauty that comes with sticking to your commitments.

  • [11:57] Maria talks about My First Academy and getting the key for their fourth location.

  • [13:19] What inspired Maria to get into the field?

  • [15:09] Maria’s Venezuelan roots and working with her daughter.

  • [18:05] Fun fact: Maria is a personal trainer and has traveled all over the world because of her father’s career as a Navy Seal.

  • [19:09] What sets My First Academy apart?

  • [28:19] Lessons from scaling and expanding.

  • [31:21] What technology does Maria find useful?

  • [34:35] What GYC services is Maria using?

  • [37:01] Maria talks about what we can expect from her in 2024 and beyond.

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