Meet Our New Second-In-Command: Driven By Connection and Impact with Tom O’Connor

I’m so pleased to welcome our new Chief Operating Officer and Integrator of the Child Care Success Company, Tom O’Connor, to the podcast. And welcome to the team, Tom! Tom brings 30 years of experience in education, after-school care, and early learning expertise. He’s also considered a bit of a master in acquisition and growth as he built his program to 44 locations across Colorado. Tom shares some fundamental and crucial steps for how to just GET STARTED, the ins-and-outs of deal acquisition and deal flow, how to set yourself to be a positive-mindset entrepreneur, leadership lessons, marketing tips, the magic of the seeds of influence, and more. 

Throughout his career, Tom has stuck to core values of Connect, Educate, and Inspire; with his staff, with his parents, and most importantly with the kids. This is a great episode for anyone who’s wondering how to get their start, how to expand and grow, or just wants to learn more about what makes our newest team member so great!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [7:45] Tom shares some highlights from his journey.

  • [10:16] Tom shares some basics of starting out in the business in your area, such as how to get on an RFP for a city.

  • [12:25] Tom provides some fun facts about her personal and home life.

  • [9:54] Tom shares some of the things that most excites him about joining The Child Care Success Company.

  • [12:38] Tom shares some of the biggest leadership lessons that he has learned throughout his 30 years in the ECE industry. 

  • [16:38] Kris and Tom run through some tips to finding deals when looking to acquire a new center. 

  • [29:20] Kris and Tom discuss some of their favored industry marketing tips.

  • [38:17] Kris asks Tom to share what his biggest challenge has been throughout his ECE journey and how he overcame it.

  • [41:06] Kris asks Tom to share what he would do differently during his journey if he could go back and do it over again. 

  • [45:01] Tom shares some of his favorite leadership books that he recommends.

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