Member Spotlight: Hemang Patel

At the Child Care Success Company, we recognize how important it is for child care business owners to take a minute to celebrate and share the “wins” in life – whether they are big or small. We are honored to be able to share in the “wins” and celebrations of our Child Care Success Academy™ members by featuring them in our Member Spotlight, hoping that their stories inspire other child care business owners.

In this Member Spotlight, we are excited to feature Academy Member Hemang Patel, owner of Bright Beginnings Academy in New Jersey! Hemang was happy to share some details with us on how he has transformed his child care business and what his journey has been like with the Academy since joining. You can read his full Q and A interview with us below! 

How did you hear about the Child Care Success Academy™?

“I found CCSA through Google.” 

What are the top issues you were struggling with before you joined the Academy?

“Before I joined the Academy I struggled with employee accountability. Getting my staff to complete any task in a timely matter was always a challenge. I had difficulty managing my own time, as I was constantly getting pulled into situations and was unable to complete my tasks. I also had trouble appreciating my staff. I thought, ‘Everyone feels appreciated differently. What can I do that really creates an impact?'”

When & why did you decide to join the Academy?

“I decided to join the Academy because I was feeling overwhelmed with the process, and I was questioning my own decision of opening a child care center. Then, one afternoon, I saw a video from a previous years Summit. I was so awed by people’s experiences and life changing results. I then decided to join and come to the Summit.”

Tell us about some of the results you’ve experienced since you’ve been a part of this group:

“I feel like I have made so many improvements, not only to my business but also to my personal life. Since joining the Academy, I have acquired an existing school, my first 2 schools are at 100% utilization, We have improved the employee culture, and also created a training program for our staff. “

How have these results impacted your life and your business?

“The results have definitely helped us retain our best staff and improve our mindset.”

Have there been any eye opening experiences or A-ha moments you’d like to share?

“I have had several A-ha moments from attending the live mastermind meetings and the Summit. Each time I attend the meetings we come home with so many ideas and improvements. 

The biggest one has been our on-boarding and training plan for our staff and admin.”

What’s your favorite thing about being a part of the Child Care Success Academy?

“My most favorite part has been the amazing support system. When you meet people, you realize that you are not the only one going through these issues. Together we brain storm and come up with solutions.”

If you would like to give a shout out to any of our coaches or team members – who, what and why?

“Donna Jensen, for inspiring me to create an on-boarding plan. 

Kris Murray, for always being our mentor and for the continual support.”

Why would you recommend the Child Care Success Academy to other child care business owners?

“It is the best group to brainstorm and improve the processes of your business.”


If you’re interested in learning more about the Child Care Success Academy or how working with our team can be of service to your child care business, we invite you to schedule a free 45-minute Coaching Call with one of our Coaches!

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