A Legacy of Five Decades and Thousands of Families with Michael Ingram

Kris recaps the incredible Child Care Success Summit and sets her sights on next year’s event in Chicago. She then welcomes the amazing Michael Ingram of Bedford Heights Daycare, founded by his mom five decades ago. Michael discusses the impact that he and his mom have had on thousands of families in and around Cleveland, his drive to serve and give back to his community, and the things that set his program apart. Michael talks about the power of manifestation and mentorship, the beauty of stillness, and how he grew the confidence to take his business to the next level with the support of the Academy as a foundational piece. Michael is delighted that one summer job turned into a 22-year profession, and in this interview, you will learn why.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [8:35] Michael joins the show from Ohio and discusses more about Bedford Heights Daycare Center, or BHDC. They are going into their 50th year and have 125 students, ranging from 18 months through 13 years old.

  • [11:13] One summer for Michael turned into 22 years. He talks about how his mom’s legacy in the school shaped his experience, and that she now still does what she loves while making a giant impact.

  • [12:06] The turning point for Michael was when he started to look at it as a business and see how he helped his community.

  • [19:49] Michael manifested finding a therapy partner and providing additional support to children including ABA therapy, speech, OT, and social-emotional health services.

  • [24:53] The component of multiple funding and how it affects your ability to grow your impact.

  • [26:59] The importance of mentorship.

  • [31:11] Getting rid of the monkey mind and how many great ideas come when we are still.

  • [34:14] Michael’s advice for those who are struggling in their business and how the Academy can help.

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