Motivating the Masses One Human At A Time with Lisa Nichols

Lisa Nichols brought down the house at the 2022 Child Care Success Summit, and Kris was lucky enough to have her back on as a guest this week. She talks about her journey of becoming, the major influences along the way, and the key pieces that she embodies to elevate into a leader. Lisa and Kris talk about mindset issues, triumphing in the face of challenges, and the importance of speaking up even when your voice shakes. Lisa goes into more detail about how she built her team and leveraged her own success and the fact that you can create a world that reflects your inner vision and values. It’s a powerful and inspiring episode with a lot of great nuggets and takeaways, so thank you, Lisa.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  • [9:57] Kris introduces Lisa and talks about how she really brought the house down at the last Summit.

  • [11:00] Lisa discusses being functionally dyslexic and the challenges that brought, along with how she turned that into a source of empowerment.

  • [14:12] You can pull pieces of things that you learn along your journey and fold them in to serve you as a business leader. From customer service to interior design, Lisa uses all of it. Kris does the same, even with her old door-to-door vacuum sales job!

  • [15:35] Don’t make “no” mean that you aren’t good enough. Make “no” mean that it’s not a fit for you right now.

  • [16:31] Lisa shares a few of the most influential people that she’s studied including Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, and Mother Teresa.

  • [17:08] Lisa talks about her learning style.

  • [19:36] Speak your truth, even when your voice shakes. Lisa’s mission is to turn ordinary conversations into extraordinary changemakers. She works with individuals designed to lead.

  • [23:08] Lisa opens up about doing the personal development work to elevate her life and heal her issues with money.

  • [27:29] What does your team need to do their job more efficiently and to stay in their zone of genius? Instead of trying to be in the parade, focus on designing the parade as best you can.

  • [36:54] Make your decisions based on logic and facts versus emotion and longing.

  • [42:31] Lisa talks about her decision to be married for the first time in her 50s.

  • [45:44] Truth has a cellular energy to it.

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