New Tools and Inspiration for Struggling ECE Owners with Simon Laube

As Kris gets ready to head to New Zealand for the Early Childhood Council Conference, she sits down with Simon, Chief Executive at the Early Childhood Council of New Zealand. Simon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in policy and advocacy for early learning in New Zealand. He discusses the current challenges facing early childhood education in the country and how he and his team are working to overcome them. Simon explores the nuances of New Zealand’s early education system and its impact on the global stage, and he opens up about the unique global perspective and innovative approaches to ECE in New Zealand, shedding light on their high-quality experiential curriculums for children. He and Kris also preview some of the “don’t miss” amazing offerings coming up at the conference so you can plan your schedule accordingly.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [8:55] Simon joins the show from Wellington, New Zealand.

  • [9:35] The Early Childhood Council is membership-based with about 860 members across New Zealand. They run about 1500 centers across the country.

  • [13:50] More about Simon’s background in government policy and how it was a chance to specifically recruit someone with his skill set.

  • [14:22] One of the ways of dealing with a threat is to try and have someone who understands quite deeply how the other side works.

  • [15:18] Simon discusses the work he previously did with his past role at the Ministry of Education.

    [17:39] Kris and Simon discuss what is really going on between the government and the early childhood community and industry?

    [19:30] What politicians say doesn’t always match up with their actions when it comes to helping the childhood industry.

    [25:19] How do we not only survive but stay positive during this time?

    [29:56] Kris and Simon discuss the importance of keeping ourselves inspired for not only us, but the children, their families, and our staff.

    [34:05] It is also important to be realistic, and when the going gets tough, you need to have an exit strategy.

    [37:56] What can we expect from the Early Childhood Council conference in New Zealand this July (2023)? Simon and Kris talk about some sessions and panelists to not miss.

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