Make Every Day a Celebration at Your School with Our Oddball Holiday Marketing Cheat Sheet!

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We all love holidays because they give us a reason to celebrate. Especially in an early education setting! Themed bulletin boards, classroom doors, and activities are highlights of the year. But what if your school had something to celebrate every month?

The Oddball Holiday Marketing Cheat Sheet gives you that opportunity. With monthly planning guides, educational facts, celebration ideas, and unique holidays for almost every day of the year, you’ll be ready to make this your best year yet!

Check It Out!

The Oddball Holiday Marketing Cheat Sheet includes so many fun, colorful features to take your celebrations to the next level. Have you noticed posts about little-known holidays on social media? Now you’ll be the expert.

Monthly Planning Guides

Each month includes a planning guide worksheet that can be copied for each holiday. Plan out the type of event, meetings, and who will be in charge.

Educational Material

A few creative holidays for each month are highlighted on large, kid-friendly pages that include did-you-knows and interesting facts relating to the celebration.

Monthly and Weekly

At the end of each month, additional holidays are listed for that month as well as monthly and weekly observances, so you can theme entire months.

Celebrate Holidays Like...

...And So Many More!