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Looking for strategies to help you navigate through trending and common ECE-business dilemmas? Our On-Demand Webinar Resources page contains one-hour trainings that have been specifically designed to provide you with just that and help you solve the marketing and business related issues in your child care business.

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How to Become an ECE Brand Ambassador: Navigating the Waters of the Political System

Advocacy is crucial in today’s ECE world. Despite uncertainties in policy and funding, we can make a difference. As childcare leaders, we have the power to advocate for families and children. Join Chantel Pettengill as she walks you through the art of maintaining courtesy, resilience, and readiness as we step into the dynamic realm of regional politics to drive positive change for our transformative industry.

Elevate Your Leadership: How to Master Recruiting and Retention

Can you remember a time when you weren’t stressed over your employees? Whether it’s a hiring pool with much to be desired, a toxic culture that’s pushing the merry-go-round of turnover, or the dreaded task of letting someone go, child care owners rarely get a break. If you’re exhausted to the point of tears over your own hiring and culture nightmares, then you NEED this training.

Goal Setting and Beyond for ECE Leaders: Set Up Your Best Life for 2024

If you need a boost to your mindset and a clear, easy process for attaining your goals this year, then this training is for you. Join Kris Murray and Jennifer Conner as they reveal the keys to success on their own personal journeys and how you can apply them to your life to get real results. Plus, you’ll learn tips for motivating and inspiring your team to achieve their professional and personal goals. Together, you will be on a path to creating a stronger, more empowered culture in your center in 2024.

Childcare Insurance Crisis: How You Can Lessen the Impact

Join ECE insurance expert Samantha Phillips as she sheds light on the evolving landscape of the insurance industry. Gain insights into proactive measures to mitigate the impact of escalating expenses. As leaders in business, it’s imperative to stay informed about industry shifts and prepare for impending changes, especially when they wield substantial influence over our expenses!

Unlocking Evidence-Based Supervision: Elevating Retention, Job Satisfaction, and Student Success

In this webinar, join Coach Ashley Varouhas as she provides invaluable insights into Evidence-Based Supervision and shares how implementing it can reshape your organization’s landscape, enhance staff retention, boost job satisfaction, and ultimately drive student success.

Highway to Success: Drive with Your Dream Team and Kick Hitchhikers to the Curb

Hiring the right people isn’t just crucial—it’s the cornerstone of a thriving ECE center. Your team shapes the success of your business, influencing everything from enrollments to profitability. It’s not just about having anyone on board; it’s about having the right individuals who drive your center toward excellence. Join Coach Steve to learn how to conquer hiring challenges and overcome the alarming turnover rates plaguing the ECE industry!

Build a Dream Team: 3 Secrets to Find & Hire A-Players for Your Child Care Center

Join Bruce Spurr, CEO of Grow Your Center (GYC), and Kris Murray as they share the top three tips GYC uses to consistently find great candidates so you can start building your dream team today. Discover what GYC has learned motivates and inspires top-performing individuals to accept job offers and show up for work after having reviewed more than 75,000 applications from child care centers, conducted interviews with over 4,000 candidates, and reached out to hundreds who did not respond after interviews, job offers, or their first day of work.

Child Care Startup 101: How to Build a Solid Foundation for Future Success

Do you dream of opening a child care center of your own (or another one)? Perhaps it’s been a lifelong goal or a new passion you’ve discovered. Whatever your reason, we know the challenges can look insurmountable and keep you from taking that leap into center ownership. How much money should you spend on your building? What should your tuition be? How will you find families to enroll? What about hiring best practices? Join Jennifer Conner, CEO of CCSC, for this webinar as she gives you answers to all of your ECE startup and expansion questions!

How to Conquer Tough Conversations: And Hold Your Team Accountable with Confidence

As leaders in such a heartfelt industry, accountability can be difficult because none of us want to be the “mean person.” Sometimes we avoid having tough conversations with our staff because we’re scared, which inevitably allows their behavior to continue. Join Coach Jennifer Slavin as she walks us through navigating tough conversations about performance issues, poor attitude, gossip, and interpersonal conflicts, as well as teaching us how to hold our teams accountable to better behavior after these conversations have taken place.

The Power of Leadership: How to Ignite Inspiration, Drive Innovation, and Achieve Excellence

Being a manager in an ECE business is much more straightforward than being a true leader a business. You can train staff, handle challenging parents, attract enrollments, and maintain the operation of your school without evolving into a genuine leader. The distinction between a manager and a leader lies in the ability to uphold and align with your purpose and mission while managing. Genuine leadership results in reduced turnover, minimal gossip and drama, and classrooms filled to capacity. But how do you reach that level? What defines a true leader? Discover the answers in this impactful training session!

The Full Enrollment Formula: 5 Simple Steps to Your Forever Waitlist

Are you struggling to build enrollment and frustrated that nothing you try seems to be working? Do you get calls from prospective parents who just want to know your rates, but never call back or take a tour? Do you hate feeling like a commodity when you know you offer a unique and high-quality program? Jump into this training and learn how to build successful systems and pinpoint exactly what part of your enrollment process is failing, so you can fix it!

Show Me the Money: Tax-Saving Ideas & New Funding Sources

The dreaded tax season comes for all of us, but there are ways to make it easier on you and your business! In this must-hear training, Kris Murray and Ben Poswalk will guide you through how to maximize tax-saving strategies, so that you pay less taxes now and in the future. We’ll also learn about new grants and funding sources coming from federal and state programs, and how best to manage those funds to get the best possible return for your business. Watch now to unlock tax-saving secrets and maximize your wealth potential!

3 Steps You Should Take Now to Control Your Business Insurance Costs

If rising business insurance costs have you waking up in a panic in the middle of the night, worry no longer! In this training, child care insurance expert, Samantha Phillips, joins Kris Murray to guide you in finding an insurance agent who truly cares about you and understands your passion for your child care business. You’ll learn what to discuss with your agent, violations that scare insurers, tips to help control the narrative, what to document, and more!

Your CRM on Boss Mode: Increase Tours, Registrations, Cut Costs, Automate Manual Tasks, and More

Most child care owners are barely scratching the surface of what their CRM can do for their business – it’s time to turbo boost yours and start saving yourself 200-300 hours per year (Yes, that’s basically 2 months of time!). Watch this training with Kris Murray and Bruce Spure, CEO of Grow Your Center, to gain template designs, a CRM marketing blueprint, step-by-step checklists, and more in this jam-packed class!

6 Figures in 7 Days: How to Double Your Child Care Center Revenue & Profit

Join leading ECE coach Kris Murray for this brand new workshop guaranteed to leave you with inspiration and a nuts-and-bolts plan for adding six figures of NEW revenue to your school. No matter what kind of ECE business you run, you will leave this training with ideas and strategies to grow and be more successful!

4 Keys to an Amazing Culture in Your Preschool

Whether you own 10 locations or are an executive director of a non-profit, you’ll love these concrete strategies proven to shift the culture of any early learning program that Kris Murray shares during this webinar. Hear case studies and examples of real implementation of these ideas in preschool settings so you can learn and model!

The 3 Big Mistakes People Make in Choosing Their First (or Next) Child Care Center Location

Are you thinking about starting your first center, or expanding to your next school location? Are you curious about the pros and cons of takeover deals versus buying or leasing an empty space? What about networking and building relationships in your new community? Where do you start? Do you feel less than confident in your negotiation skills? Or wonder how to grab new clients’ attention when your center opens? Then join ECE business expert Kris Murray for this brand-new training designed to give you a roadmap for site selection and success!

Get Out of Overwhelm! Using Delegation, Systems, and Automation in Your Preschool

Early learning business expert Kris Murray will walk you through her step-by-step roadmap for how to tackle your to-do list, while reducing stress and overwhelm in your life as a school director or owner. You’ll learn how to approach your business with a “systems mindset” and how to be a more productive leader in any ECE environment!