Part I of My Spiritual Journey: The Eckhart Tolle Retreat

In this special solo episode, Kris dives into her recent experience while attending Eckhart Tolle’s “The Depths of Being” retreat, with his amazing wife and teaching partner Kim. Kris dives deep into learning to let go of outcomes and expectations and shares some key learnings and takeaways while embarking on this spiritual journey in the beautiful land of Maui, Hawaii. She opens up about some personal changes as well, and what she has learned about just letting go and relaxing into what is throughout the process. At the end, Kris shares a few easy ways that you can practice becoming more present in the moment and how doing so can help both your business and those around you, while bringing you a great amount of peace.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  • [7:23] Kris talks about the five-day retreat (and overall eight-day trip) with the famed Eckhart himself, and his beautiful wife, spiritual teacher, and creator Kim Eng.

  • [12:44] Kris dives into the first topic: intuition and how to listen to your inner knowing.

  • [14:44] The universe actually wants to bring you whatever you want. You just have to learn how to manifest it.

  • [20:34] We need to remember that we are human beings, and not always human doings.

  • [25:45] The more you let the little triggers build, the more emotional stress and pain you are going to have, and the less happy you’re going to be.

  • [27:57] What are a “pain body” and a “pain body attack”?

  • [34:04] What are the people, places, and situations teaching you?

  • [38:38] The practice is about coming back to a place of neutrality. To come back to a place where you’re in a space of openness and acceptance and you’re not resistant to the “is-ness” that is.

  • [41:33] Kris talks about the ending of her personal relationship and the lessons she is practicing about letting go of attachment and expectations and going more with the flow. She opens up about the energetic shift that came with this practice.

  • [42:50] Once you let go of your attachment, the resistance usually goes away, and you get back to neutral.

  • [45:07] Notice where your mind is at this moment. Are you in the present moment?

  • [49:44]  Kris got a message from the divine during a moment of stillness on the yoga mat. It told her: child care, and listening to that has certainly led her to the beautiful life she has now, with so many wonderful people in it.

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