Part II of My Spiritual Journey: Meet Kirra Sherman

It’s a beautiful episode this week as Kris connects with one of her mentors, Kirra Sherman. They first talk about how life pulls us in different ways emotionally throughout our human journey, and how we can learn to face both the joyful and negative heartbreaking things with courage and an open heart. Kris and Kirra talk about how setting aside just 5 minutes a day to feel your feelings can have a profound effect on your whole life, what a pain body is, and how carrying around feelings of trauma can have an impact on us that we may not even be aware of. 

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  • [10:23] Kris shares her experiences of the importance of letting go of your projections of how things should be and accepting reality. 

  • [10:42] We don’t have to call it spiritual for anybody, we could call it “okayness”.

  • [14:20] When you start doing things that matter to you, your life as you know it may fall apart, and that’s okay. Kirra talks about someone that did the work and healed their marriage, but sometimes things can also go the other way. 

  • [18:57] What are some ways that we can learn to be open in sitting with discomfort? 

  • [24:29] Putting the awareness on the discomfort and on the feelings is life changing. 

  • [34:16] When do you know that you have reached enlightenment? Is it real?

  • [34:22] There’s no such thing as unworthiness. 

  • [39:43] When you see through the story, the less you react to it.

  • [45:09] What really matters is your heart. One way to get into the habit of checking in with your heart is really asking yourself if this will matter years from now, and what your true feelings are in the moment. 

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