Planting SEEDs For Future Growth and Success with Mallorie Malloy-Coe

In today’s episode, I am pleased to share the positivity and inspiration of Mallorie Malloy-Coe. Mallorie is a childcare veteran, joining the industry when she was only 14, and the owner and founder of Inheritance Academy in Baltimore. She talks to us about her core values which she refers to as “SEED,” branding, attracting and retaining the right people, her unique events, building culture, her superpower, her plans to expand and help others grow, and more. 

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [3:58] Kris shares projects and events that the Child Care Success Company has planned for this year, provides a personal reflection her past year, and let’s listeners in on what her brief hiatus will entail.

  • [8:53] Mallorie provides a little background info about herself, where her center is located, and how she started out in the field of early childhood education. 

  • [12:50] Mallorie shares a fun fact herself, and as far as Kris know, is also a record setting number. 

  • [13:56] Mallorie discusses her passion for licensing and her plan to consult with other child care business owners starting out to help them obtain their licenses. 

  • [17:00] Mallorie discusses her enrollment trends since entering the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • [19:21] Mallroie shares what has been the inspiration and mold behind her consistent best practices that she has followed over the years.

  • [21:43] Mallorie talks about some of the unique and fun events that her center has hosted.

  • [25:19] Mallorie discusses what her commitment to her team looks like and what SEED stands for in her center.

  • [30:26] Mallorie reveals what she believes her super power is and how she is planning on using it to help other ECE owners. 

  • [32:22] Kris asks Mallorie to share the biggest challenge that she has had to overcome throughout her ECE journey.

  • [33:27] Mallorie walks through her onboarding and training processes. 

  • [36:50] Kris asks Mallorie to define what a Chid Care Rockstar is to her.

  • [38:00] Mallorie shares the books and resources that she has found the most beneficial to her and her development.

  • [39:19] Mallorie shares what she loves the most about being a member of the Child Care Success Academy

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