Play and Wellness As Learning Foundations with Drew Vernon

It’s all about the power of play this week as I welcome Drew Vernon, the U.S. Marketing Lead at tonies, a popular European children’s audio system that has recently launched in the United States. Drew talks about his former experience as Brand Director at Lego and in marketing at Procter and Gamble, and how it helps him now in his role with tonies. Drew shares why he believes a child who is a strong player is also a strong learner, problem solver, and a more overall happy person. Drew explains how tonies provide an amazing learning tool for social and emotional wellness and screen-free enrichment. Let’s play!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  • [7:45] To kick things off and have some fun, Kris asks Drew a burning question regarding her favorite football team. 

  • [8:10] Drew shares how his path has lead him to his role as Marketing Director for tonies.  He also explains how working for P&G and Lego, along with opening his own child care center, influenced how he blended marketing with knowing how important it is for good communication and quality service.

  • [12:17] Fun fact: Drew lived in Japan and was actually a Japanese tour guide. He also speaks enough Japanese to order at a restaurant, and get some nods from the chefs.

  • [16:15] Drew explains the mission behind tonies, an imagination-building, screen-free digital listening experience.

  • [18:25] Drew talks about the influencer marketing outreach to educators and childcare professionals and partnering with other companies to promote mindfulness and relaxation tools for children.

  • [26:54] Drew shares a great, insightful piece of parting advice to sign off the show with to everyone working in the ECE industry.

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