Playing for a Living with Glenn Morshower

One of the busiest character actors in Hollywood today, Glenn Morshower, joins the show to talk with Kris. Glenn has appeared in over 200 film and television projects in a career spanning four decades including the FOX hit series 24. Glenn talks about discovering his love for theatre at a young age, and some career highlights that catapulted him forward. He also shares his wonder and optimistic perspective on life, gives us permission to be silly and joyful, and to focus on gratitude when looking to expand and manifest abundance.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Glenn discovered his love of theater and acting in what he calls part of his “natural organic earth school curriculum.” How cool! He went to go see a play at the local theater and was hooked immediately. From there he landed a national TV commercial, the film Drive-In, and it took him out to the West Coast.
  • We are innate math defiers; it is in our DNA to succeed and make our way. Glenn embraces this framework and uses this as a template for living rather than being gripped by fear.
  • You can have the hardest or most difficult year of your life, but that doesn’t necessarily have to mean the worst. Glenn lost his dear friend and soul brother, and his beloved brother. Through tragedy and grief, we can find love and connection in ourselves and others.
  • The answer to a full and rich life is to fall in love with it just as it is, and just as it is not.
  • A strong vision will out-see the naysayers. When we are wholly optimistic and aligned with our mission, we win.
  • Most people stop playing because they feel too old or that life should be serious. Playing is what part of keeps us youthful and happy.
  • Our thoughts become our destiny. Glenn reminds us to take good care of both our heart and mind, and disallow any toxic influence in.
  • Great leaders allow themselves and others to lead with the authentic them. This sets the tone of reality and no one is left with false expectations about the other based on the presentational self.
  • What we focus on expands, and we are only competing with ourselves. When looking to create more abundance, we must first focus on the good around us and practice gratitude in our daily lives.


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