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Episode 107

You Are a Badass: Believe in Yourself with Karina Wyllie

Today’s episode will inspire you to get out there and be the true badass that you are! My guest today, Karina Wyllie, is a motivated self-starter that owns two daycares in New York, Koala Park Daycare. While an incredibly accomplished entrepreneur, Karina is still committed to being a forever student in the school of leadership. She takes cues from Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, The Child Care Success Academy, and more, and it trickles down effortlessly to her staff. We talk about how she operates her schools, what her priorities and insights are coming out of COVID-19, the importance of a growth mindset, and some different ways to think about leadership. This is an authentic and raw conversation filled with so many resources to get you to believe in your biggest asset; you!

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