Real Talk About ECE Leadership with Ty’Heim Clark

Kris welcomes Mr. Ty’Heim, the Childcare Whisperer, for an insightful and lively talk on building relationships, connecting to your community, and setting a good policy that you continue to follow through on. Ty’Heim talks about his journey into childcare and the impacts on his professional success, the impact of the responsibility of men in child care, and how we can better lead with inspiration and passion. He and Kris talk about why men are crucial for the childcare industry and share an important thing to remember that leaders need to remember any time they have an issue with an employee.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  • [3:03] The Childhood Whisperer is a brand that was created to be a safe space for directors, and to provide them with the tools, support, and community to learn and grow.

  • [4:08] Ty’Heim’s secret sauce is that he builds great relationships with families and connects with everyone.

  • [5:00] Fun Fact: Ty’Heim doesn’t like pulling locked doors. It gives him that “nails on a chalkboard” feeling!

  • [6:18] Ty’Heim talks about starting childcare while in college and helping his mom in Atlanta both in person and online. This is where he came to learn how to work with others and developed his early skills as a leader.

  • [9:33] Ty’Heim talks about the importance of accountability and creating and sticking to good policies.

  • [14:36] Men are crucial for the childcare industry, and one of Ty’Heim’s driving passions is to help other men realize their highest potential throughout their journey. Many children don’t have a father figure, and the male teacher can have a profound experience in their life.

  • [24:51] Make sure you uphold your policies and that you have good policies on all the different aspects of your center.

  • [27:51] Some may think Ty’Heim is mean, but it’s because he sticks to the policy and doesn’t relax his standards.

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