Redefining Normal For Families and Kids with Justin Black

On this episode I welcome Justin Black, founder of The Redefining Normal company. Between his book, podcast, speaking, and mentorship, Justin and his wife Alexis have impacted thousands of individuals and families with the work they are doing. Justin shares his unique story of coming up through the foster system, and how he now gives back to foster youths and foster parents, trainers, and advocates. He talks about how he and Alexis met and formed a common bond over their mission to help others identify generational patterns and reduce trauma. Justin and I dive into what it really means to redefine normal, and how we can challenge and support others to do the same.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  • [9:31] In Justin and Alexis’s book, Redefining Normal, they share their personal experiences but there are key takeaways for everyone, no matter what background or perspective they are coming from.

  • [9:49] One of the biggest passions that Justin has is to help people identify generational patterns and trauma, and turn them around to create generational success.

  • [13:37] Fun Fact: Not only is there a baby on the way, but that baby will be a world traveler! Justin and Alexis have done 13 studies abroad while in college and have been fortunate enough to travel to roughly 30 different countries.

  • [20:35] When Justin and his wife started with Redefining Normal, they soon saw it was bigger than just a book, so they also have a podcast to open up even more of the conversation and go deeper.

  • [22:30] They have sold roughly 8,000 books now as self-published authors. Justin shares some of the learning lessons he and his wife have ran into throughout their journey. 

  • [23:00] Justin talks about his journey in foster care, and how they now support foster youths and train parents, advocates, and social workers.

  • [26:23] Understanding your why will help drive you and the work that you do. Justin shares how he believes that people need to start looking inside of themselves to seek out what their why/whys may be. He also shares what keep him and Alexis inspired, even during challenging times. 

  • [29:44] Along with the Redefining Normal book, Justin and Alexis have published the companion guide.

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